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Professional Painting and Decorating

Decorating a Small Appartment/Flat

Following a fire in an adjacent property, we were asked to paint and decorate a small self-contained flat with minor smoke damage. The propery was completely stripped and cleaned, then the walls were lined with a quality lining paper before being covered with several full bodied coats of a quality Dulux paint product. The feature walls, along with the wallpaper in the hallway give this property a clean and comfortable new look. The entire property has been totally transformed and bought up-to-date.

  • Line and Paint a Bedroom

    In this job, we were asked to redecorate a double bedroom which hadn't been touched for quite some time. The walls were in a bit of a state and needed quite a lot of work to bring them upto a suitable standard. Every surface was sanded, filled, sanded some more and then washed down and prepared properly. A quality lining paper helped to completely smooth out the walls, giving that fresh, recently skimmed look. The ceiling was given two generous coats of white emulsion, along with each of the walls, two in white and then two in a very fashionable shade of grey, giving this room a modern and contemporary new look.

  • Painting and Wallpapering a Hall, Stairs and Landing

    Here, we were contacted to see what we might be able to do with a hall, stairs and landing. The walls were damaged from a previously unwanted dado rail, plus it hadn't been decorated for quite some time. The banister was originally coated with a clear varnish, which was properly prepared and then given sevral coats of undercoat, followed by two coats of white gloss. Naturally, we started the job with the all-important preparation work, i.e., in order to get the walls in the best state possible. We hung an embossed wallpaper to all of the walls, then applied sevral coats of a high quality Dulux Product to give the customer the design they want, along with the durability to withstand the knocks and bumps of family life.

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